The red rose has long been a symbol of love. But the world of roses is much more diverse, with many varieties and colors to choose from.

Depending on how they are planted, roses can be used as part of a formal garden, like the famous Versailles, or an informal one such as a cottage garden that also includes perennials. Roses are available in shrub form, as climbers and can even be planted in containers. There is a rose suited for just about any spot in your garden, as long as there is adequate sunlight.

Roses came to popularity due to their beautiful flowers and alluring fragrance. They have stayed popular because they are a tough plant that is long-lived. Repeat-blooming roses will put on a show for many months, but they do require more upkeep as they tend to be more susceptible to insects and disease. Single-blooming roses are great for those who don’t want to worry about maintenance, or for those who desire a strong fragrance. In recent years, rose breeders have been working to cross the modern repeat-bloomers with the old roses to create the ideal mix of continuous blooms and disease resistance (to learn more, see this article: David Austin’s Garden Roses).

Below we have compiled beautiful rose gardens, ideas for using roses in floral arrangements, and answers to our readers’ questions about roses. We hope you enjoy these resources and get ideas for using roses in your own garden.


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