I Love You: Little Tokens That Say It for You

Are the magic sparks fading between you and your significant other? Romance isn’t always about making epic proclamations of eternal devotion. Oftentimes, small gestures have the biggest impact.


Our advice is to let bygones be bygones. Pucker up and hug each other tightly. Offering one of these DIY tokens will help, too! Each one is made with love and comes with its own heartfelt message.


“You’re My Sweet-Tea”

Start the day off right by greeting your sweetheart with a steaming cup of tea and these heart-shaped tea bags. Simply cut two hearts out of red construction paper, scribble a handwritten note, and affix the two hearts back to back. Steep, pour, and deliver with care.

Make the Heart-Shaped Tea Bags


Photography by: Burcu Avsar

“I Want to Keep Growing Together”

In lieu of an olive branch, these adorable potted plants offer the same reconciliatory message. We chose succulents, because they are healthy houseplants not prone to wilt (even in the harshest of elements)… much like your dedication to each other.

Make the Plant Pot


“Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart”

Find yourself in a lover’s quarrel? Trinkets and charms are a classic go-to for apologies. And while it’s the right sentiment, it often lacks that personal touch. Consider this your golden opportunity to say “I’m sorry” with a heart pendant and bracelet tucked inside a suede gift pouch.

Make the Heart Pendant and Bracelet


“We Can Weather the Storm”

Lovers have been sending bottled messages for centuries. And despite being tossed to drift in ocean tides, the messages of love tucked inside tend to wash ashore intact. Go ahead and send your own message in a bottle.

Make the Message in a Bottle


Photography by: Anna Williams

“You Have My Shoulder to Cry On”

Having a heart-to-heart brings on a surge of emotions, so why not wipe the tears away with a hankie or tissue pulled from this handcrafted hankie holder? Make it personal and stitch their initials into the fabric. They’ll know they can count on you.

Make the Hankie Holder


“Let’s Make a Clean Start”

Start over with these adorable soaps inspired by candy conversation hearts. As the finishing touch, stamp the soap with a personal promise of refreshed love.

Make the Heart-Shaped Soap


“You Make My Heart Blossom”

Our loved ones are the gardeners who tend to our souls. Let your partner know how much they mean to you with a carefully crafted vase of crepe paper roses. They look particularly romantic in pink and red, or you can choose your partner’s favorite color. They’re better than any store-bought bouquet.

Make the Crepe-Paper Roses