How to Use Wooden Crates as Garden Containers


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How to Use Wooden Crates as Garden Containers

Wooden crates—vintage or new—make sturdy container gardens as well as storage solutions for garden tools. Check out our ideas for using crates to hold flowers, store seedling pots, corral garden implements and more.Editorial Assistant: Brandi Dye

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  • Pop pots

    Pop pots

    Pots of Verbena Superbena ‘Royale Cherryburst’ make their home in soda crates. Stack several crates of different colors for maximum impact.

  • Pots in a box

    Pots in a box

    A partitioned soda crate provides both storage and a display for decorated seedling pots.

  • Vegetable vessel

    Vegetable vessel

    This celery crate continues its legacy of toting veggies. 

  • Bloom box

    Bloom box

    What used to be a drawer in a factory is now a container garden for petunias and purple velvet plants (Gynura).

  • From candy to caddy

    From candy to caddy

    This Halvah candy box has been turned into a caddy for gardening tools.

  • Crate collection

    Crate collection

    Crops with full root systems, like eggplant, can make their home in deeper crates. Crates with handles make plants like kale and sweet William portable.

  • Box of bounty

    Box of bounty

    A long narrow celery box is perfect for transporting veggies, like radishes, that have roots and long leaves.

  • Herbs in a crate

    Herbs in a crate

    An herb garden (with pennyroyal, lavender, sage, basil and thyme) grows in a crate that used to be a fastener drawer.

  • Begonia blooms

    Begonia blooms

    Begonia Million Kisses ‘Amour’ blooms overflow from a repurposed fruit crate.

  • Colorful tote

    Colorful tote

    Painted crates look great with flowers in contrasting colors. This periwinkle blue fruit crate holds glass jars with bouquets of freshly cut sweet William.