How to Prioritize Your Landscaping Budget

[MUSIC] If you’re working within a budget on your landscape, I would start kind of from what I consider to be health, safety, and well being. So making sure that the grave drains properly and that you don’t have any water Issues that might be going into your foundation or leaking into your basement and leading to bigger problems along the way. [MUSIC] Second of all would be hardscaping. Hardscape material tends to be very expensive per square foot, so looking at walkways, patios, Amenities like built in grills, fire pits, those kinds of things. Seeing really where and what you currently need and what you’re gonna get the most use of and I would prioritize those in accordance. And then if you’re looking at lawn areas or redoing a lawn area Area, because it’s been so damaged, or infested with invasive weeds and stuff. Do I seed versus do I sod? Do I have an irrigation system versus a non-irrigation system? So I consider prioritizing what you plan on using, and how you plan on using your spaces, as your starting points. [BLANK_AUDIO]