How to Make Easter Basket Napkin Rings Using Coffee Pods



– Plastic cup (from coffee packaging, or kid-size drinking cups)
– Scissors
– Felt
– Glue
– Googly eyes
– Buttons


Step 1:

Cut the end off the bottom of the cup to make a hollow tube.


Step 2:

Cut all the shapes you will need from the felt to make the cup look like a little Easter Basket — a big enough strip to cover the cup (I find if I cut a curved strip, it will align better when wrapped around the cup), a basket handle, eggs, flowers, a bunny, etc. If you are making this project with young kids, you can precut the shapes ahead of time.


Step 3:

Glue the strip of felt around the outside of the cup.


Step 4:

Glue the felt decoration to the outside of the cup, and glue the basket handle to the top inside of the cup.


You will need to make several of these for your holiday table so start drinking that coffee! Happy Easter!