How to Make Chalkboard-Paint Bead Bracelets

Martha Stewart’s Chalkboard Paints aren’t just for walls or containers you need to write on. They have a wonderful matte finish, come in lots of fun colors, and you can do a multitude of projects with them. We (Lisa Anderson Shaffer and myself) used these paints to create fun and whimsical bracelets that you can layer on.



•  painter’s tape

•  wood beads of various sizes

•  Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint

•  paintbrush

•  cotton cord

DIY Painted Bead Tape


If you have a steady hand you will not need tape, but for those of us that can’t do perfect lines, tape is your best friend. Use your tape to create patterns, or simply tape half of the bead and leave one half exposed. Next, paint the exposed area, then set aside to dry. 

DIY Painted Wood Beads

Slip Knot

Once your painted beads are dry, assemble them into bracelets. To do this you will need your cotton cord. Cut the cord approximately 8″ in length and then put one of you painted beads on it. Now for the most difficult part: you will need to tie a slip knot. Once you get the hang of it, this knot is very simple. Promise.


To make the bracelets:

1.  With the bead in the middle of your cord, hold one end in each hand.



DIY Painted Bead Bracelet Slip Knot

2.  Form a loop by bringing the rope in the right hand under the rope in the left hand so that the rope crosses.

3.  Use your left hand to hold down the rope where it crosses. Now place the end that was in your right hand over both the left and right cord to form a loop. 

4.  Coming through the back of the cords, pull the right end through the loop you created and then pull tight. This should create a knot around the left end of the cord that you can slide to adjust to your wrist. 


If you would prefer a video tutorial, watch this.

DIY Painted Bead Bracelets Layered

Layer your bracelets for a fun statement accessory!