How to Make a Street-Sign Window Box


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How to Make a Street-Sign Window Box

Pair a vintage street sign with a salvaged container for a window box brimming with charm. Follow our step-by-step instructions for this DIY project.

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  • Street-sign window box

    Street-sign window box

    Create a street-sign window box by following our step-by-step instructions on the following slides.

  • Window box materials

    Window box materials

    Pick up some simple supplies from a hardware store plus a vintage street sign, low-water plants and potting soil. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Window box container
    • Cordless drill
    • Coco-fiber mat (if desired)
    • Tape measure
    • Grease pencil
    • Several screws and nuts
    • Street sign (look for vintage signs at flea markets, antiques stores or online)
    • Potting soil
    • Colorful annuals

  • Create drainage

    Step 1: Create drainage

    If you’re using a solid window box container, drill drainage holes into the bottom of the container. Aim to have at least five drainage holes per square foot of surface area on the bottom of the container.

    If you’re using a wire or mesh container, disregard drainage holes and line the box with a coco-fiber mat; the mat drains freely. 

  • Prepare box for hanging

    Step 2: Prepare box for hanging

    Prepare to hang the window box by making a mark every 8 inches along the top of the box. These marks denote where screws will secure the box to a wall. Here, our box is attached to wood siding so screws were an easy choice. Window boxes hung on stucco and brick call for different materials. Check with your local hardware store for recommendations. 

  • Drill holes

    Step 3: Drill holes

    Using the marks made in Step 2 as a guide, drill holes for the screws that will secure the box to the wall below the window. Raise the box on pieces of scrap lumber to protect the surface underneath while drilling. 

  • Prepare to attach sign

    Step 4: Prepare to attach sign

    Center the sign on the window box, adjusting to fix the contours of your container. Most signs have holes on each end where screws or nails were once used. Use a grease pencil to mark the location of the holes on the window box container. Remove the sign and drill holes using the grease pencil marks as guides. 

  • Secure sign

    Step 5: Secure sign

    Secure the sign to the window box with screws and nuts.

  • Attach to building

    Step 6: Attach to building

    Attach the window box to the building with screws.

  • Step 7: Fill with plants

    Add potting soil to the window box, then add plants. Reduce the weight of the window box by filling the bottom third of the box with pinecones, crushed milk jugs or other lightweight yet bulky items. Top the filler with potting soil and plants.

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