How To Grow And Care For Cilantro In A Pot

How To Grow And Care For Cilantro In A Pot

Cilantro is a highly aromatic herb that is used to enhance the flavor of many South-East Asian and Mexican cuisines and as a dressing to improve the appearance of meal served. Some people consider that growing it is difficult but we don’t agree with that, you just need some smart tips.

How To Grow Cilantro From Seeds

Take a pot of 18 inches wide and at least 10-12 inches deep, sow your seeds; it’s very difficult to transplant cilantro, so use a single pot. Sow seeds 1/4 inches deep. Keep the soil moist until the seedlings germinate.

When To Plant Cilantro

Start cilantro once all the dangers of frost are passed. You can grow cilantro successively from spring to fall.

Best Soil For Growing Cilantro

Neutral soil that is very rich in organic matter and crumbly in texture helps this plant to grow. Also, the addition of aged manure or compost provide a good steady supply of nitrogen and other trace elements, thus promotes the vegetative growth.

How To Care For Cilantro

It is a plant that grows best in the sun. But be careful, too much heat will make it go to seed quickly. In summer (or in warm climates) place it in a position that receives shade in the afternoon. Cilantro likes evenly moist soil. When watering, make sure you never wet the foliage as cilantro is really susceptible to powdery mildew. Feed the cilantro bimonthly with any half strength nitrogen-rich fertilizer to promote the foliage growth. You don’t need to fertilize your cilantro plants much if you side dress them with compost or manure. Also, the application of fish emulsion is recommended.

When To Harvest Cilantro

You can start to harvest young cilantro leaves too early, about 3-4 weeks after sowing seeds. Leaves can be picked from the plant when they have reached 3-6 inches in length. If you want to harvest the entire plant you should wait at least 45-70 days. Cutting the entire plant at soil level or 2 inches above the crown.

How To Grow And Care For Cilantro In A PotHow To Grow And Care For Cilantro In A Pot