How to DIY a Party in a Box—Literally

bridal_shower_upclose_0716.jpg (skyword:305229)

To assemble the perfect party box, I like to hit off on four crucial items:

  1. Provide a reusable vessel: It’s always fun when your guests can reuse the box, crate, or basket.
  2. Offer a toast: In this case, you’ll need a beverage, a glass, and straw, plus a teeny-tiny drink umbrella.
  3. Help the recipient feel his or her best: My friends love anything that they can apply to their beauty regimen like sunscreen, lotion, nail polish, and lip gloss.
  4. Find at least two extra box stuffers that add to the theme: In this case, a candy-packed piñata and a candle that smells like a piña colada or the beach.

bridal_shower_basket_spraypaint_0716.jpg (skyword:305230)

I found a small wooden crate and spray-painted it bright pink. This is an inexpensive way to personalize and modernize your box to a party color.

bridal_shower_cosmetics_0716.jpg (skyword:305233)

And what’s inside? Travel-size sunscreen is great for a destination wedding because your shower guests can pack it along when they hop on the plane for your big weekend. If you’ve already decided on your wedding colors, you can coordinate and give your guests a similar hue that gets them excited for the day.

bridal_shower_glass_0716.jpg (skyword:305234)

I found these adorable glasses with straws, perfect for serving cocktails. Glass bottles keep your beverage cold, and feel more elegant than plastic. This one comes in a bright orange color.

bridal_shower_tequila_0716.jpg (skyword:305237)

And what’s better than their own little bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila, plus mixer? Try these margaritas or this ginger margarita. Both are refreshing in this hot summer heat.

bridal_shower_candle_0716.jpg (skyword:305231)

And just one whiff of this scented coconut-citrus candle, and you’ll feel transported to a tropical paradise.

bridal_shower_pinata_0716.jpg (skyword:305238)

And last, but not at least? Finish off your box with a bang! Fill a tiny fringed piñata with homemade candies and treats, and let your guest have fun breaking them open.