Heating Your Deck: The Ultimate Guide

Are you ready for a hot time on your deck? I’m Lacey Howard. Adding heat to a deck makes it cozy on a chilly evening and you can enjoy it earlier in the spring and later in the fall. Try these hot products to add some sizzle to your deck tonight. An outdoor fireplace brings warm ambiance to a deck or patio. Just like inside, outdoor fireplaces can burn wood or gas, whatever heat source you choose, always install a fireplace on top of a stone or concrete foundation. Be sure you hearth has been tight. Not only, it will be the hottest seat on the block, but your fire will be easier to tend. Think of a fire pit as a fireplace that’s open on the top rather than the side. With a little planning, you can build the fire pit into a new or existing deck. Work with a contractor to create a cement cylinder. Fill it with gravel and line with fire bricks. Fire walls come in dozens of styles and most can accommodate like cooking such as roasting marshmallows, Yum. A fireball is a great alternative to fireplace or pit. You can still get the drama of an open fire, but the ball is portable and easy to clean. To protect the wood deck, set the fireball on top of a noncombustible hearth pad or brick pavers. Nothing spices up a deck like hot food prepared on the grill. Start with gas or charcoal and then expand your outdoor kitchen include side burners for sauces, a smoker for slow roasted meats, a warming door for bread in plates, and even a pizza oven. Choose a heat heatseeker, choose chemineas. This rustic terra-cotta or metal containers are like little portable fireplaces. Gathering around chemineas is difficult because they block views, so set them in a well ventilated corner of your deck. Torches are mainly decorative, but their open flame creates a warm ambiance. Yes, bamboo tiki torches are still available, but look for ceramics and metal options in various styles and sizes. Space heaters are safe and efficient way to make your deck warm and cozy. You can now choose between electric and propane fueled models in several sizes. Some heaters mount to the wall or ceiling while others resemble portable floor or table lamps. Keeping things hot has never been easier, so get ready to turn up the heat.