Hanger Heart Wreaths

The making of these colorful hearts took nothing more than wire hangers (the kind you get from the dry cleaner), colored paper napkins (as we didn’t have tissue paper), some beads and yarn!


  • wire hanger (one for each heart)
  • colored paper napkins or tissue paper
  • beads
  • pliers
  • yarn (optional)


  1. Open the wire hanger and straighten it a bit with your hands, then bend it into a heart shape. (A step for parents only.)
  2. Cut the napkins or tissue into strips and fold them twice (crosswise) to make thicker pieces.
  3. Piece by piece, poke the wire hanger through the center of each folded strip, like stringing beads, until the wire is covered. If you like, wrap yarn between the napkin pieces and thread it around the other side of the heart to fill in the center.
  4. When we had threaded the whole heart through and twisted it closed with a pair of pliers, we made some yarn “spiderweb” to give it a more accomplished look.
  5. To make this craft friendlier for little kids, use beads instead of paper. The beads are easy to string on the wire hanger.
  6. Hang them up around the house!