Halloween Painted Pots

halloween pots final

Turn small flower pots into fun Halloween decorations! Here you’ll learn to make Frankenstein, a mummy and a pumpkin.


  • one flower pot for each character (we used three)
  • paint (white, black, orange, brown, green) and a paintbrush
  • black permanent marker
  • hot glue
  • googly eyes
  • three small thread spools, small tree branches, or old wine corks


    1. halloween pot mummyMummy: Paint the entire pot white, including the inside. Once it’s dry, use your marker to make lines around the sides for the bandages, then hot glue some googly eyes on the pot. Let it dry.

    2. Pumpkin: Paint the base of the flower pot orange and the top green (if you don’t have lids for the flower pots, just paint the upper section of the pot). When the paint is dry, use your marker or black paint to add the face. Halloween pot pumpkinTake one of the spools/tree branches/corks and paint it brown for the stem. Glue it to the lid of the flower pot (or to the top of the back of the pot if you don’t have a lid) and let it dry.

    3. Frankenstein: Paint the pot green and paint the lid or the top of the pot black for the hair. Use your marker or black paint to draw the mouth and the stitches. Halloween pot frankHot glue the googly eyes on the face and the spools on each side of the pot for the bolts. Let it dry and then you’re done!

    Halloween pot frank 2

    You can fill the pots with candy for a cute treat dish or party centerpiece.