Halloween Haunted House


Making a haunted house is a great project for children of any age. They can draw whatever they desire in the windows of the house, which makes this craft easily repeatable by encouraging different drawings each time! My son has done it so many times, we made a book out of his haunted houses.


  • haunted house template (optional)
  • black and yellow or white paper
  • white crayon or silver marker (something that will show up on black paper)
  • scissors or an X-Acto knife
  • markers
  • glue


    1. hauntedhouse longCut out the template and trace it onto black paper. You can also draw your own haunted house if you prefer not to use the template.

    2. Cut out the black paper with a sheet of yellow or white paper underneath. (This will make a cool, candlelit window effect!)

    3. Cut out the windows on the black paper (NOT the yellow or white) with scissors or an X-Acto knife (adults only!). Do NOT cut the whole window out. Leave a flap on each window so they can be opened and closed.

    4. Glue the black cut-out house onto the yellow or white paper. Then draw spooky creatures or faces inside each window!

    Happy Haunting!