Halloween Bat Treat Holders

bat treat final 2

My boys love to make these cute and easy bat treat holders almost as much as they like eating the treats inside! This project a fun for kids and a great way to get rid of old paper bags.


  • toilet paper roll (or other cardboard tube)
  • old paper bag or thick paper
  • glue
  • black and white paint
  • scissors
  • bat template (for an easier, faster option!)


    1. bat treat 3Cut the cardboard tube down to the size you want (you can use old paper towel or toilet paper rolls).

    2. Paint the tube with black craft acrylic paint. While the paint is drying, cut out some bat wing shapes from your bag/paper. Here is a template to make things a bit easier, or at least for reference: Bat Template. Be sure to leave a little extra room where the wing will be attached to the cardboard, as that part will be folded over and attached to the roll.

    3. bat treat 1Cut two small black triangles for the bat ears. Once the tube is dry, paint a simple bat face using white craft acrylic paint.

    4. After the bat face is dry, adhere the bat wings to the body of the bat by folding over a bit of the wing and placing adhesive on the folded tab (I used glue dots for this, but you could use simple white glue). Place a dot of adhesive on each bat ear and stick them to the inside of the tube wherever you want the ears.

    bat treat 2

    Once the glue is dry, you’re all done! The real magic happens when you decide just what to do with these little bats. You could use them as finger puppets and put on a spooky show or use them as napkin holders for a haunted feast. You can also stick bags of candy inside for a cool school treat, and of course, you can always just set them out for decoration.