Grow Fruit and Vegetables In a Raised Garden Beds


Because of no fresh and nutrient rich soil, we can not plant anything in our limited outdoor space. But raised garden beds will help you make your gardening dream come true. Raised garden bed is a great way to contain your own fresh fruit and vegetables, and it lets you maintain your garden in a easy way. Raised beds can be temporary or permanent according to your needs, and they can be built of a variety of materials such as: cinder blocks,Straw Bale,reclaimed wood…If you are planing to create one, here’s tutorial will let you get inspired!


Grow Your Fresh Strawberry In a Planter Out Of Old Shipping Pallets – click here for tutorial


Cinder Block is One of The Cheapest and Easiest to Get Materials for Garden Projects – check out below video tutorial


Use Reclaimed Timbers to Create this U-shaped Planter – Source


Drill Holes in The Bottom of Metal or Plastic Watering Troughs – Source


Go for A Wooden Bed with Heardboard and Footboard – Source


Grow your Own Fruit and Vegetables in a Straw Bale Bed – click here for tutorial