Grow Coleus in Your Garden

-Add a ton of easy growing color to your landscape with coleus. This tropical annual provides interest from its attractive foliage so you don’t have to worry about it going in or out of bloom. It looks good all the time. Traditionally, coleus are plants with a shade. Most have varied [unk] of leaves and a variety of colors. Some, such as the Under the Sea series has fantastically shaped leaves as well. Lime [unk], for example, offers lime green leaves with dark purple highlights. In the shade, grow coleus with other shade loving plants such as begonias and patience and torenia. Newer variety of coleus have been bred to thrive in full sun as well as shade. Big Red Judy, for example, is a stunner that can get almost four feet tall and offers red-purple leaves in full sun. Keystone Copper is another newer variety that has unique orange-bronze leaves. Grow some loving coleus with your favorite annuals such as lantana, petunias and geraniums. They perform beautifully on the ground or in containers.