Green Halloween Crafts

This Halloween, make your own decorations out of recycled material instead of buying them at the store. With just one empty plastic bottle, you can make an owl, an apple, a pumpkin and more!

Depending on your final product, you might need paint and other decorative items.


  • one empty plastic bottle (we used an old soda bottle)
  • scissors
  • clear tape (heavy packing tape or duct tape will work best)


  1. bottleMake sure your bottle is empty. If it has any wrapping on it, for instance a soda logo, remove it. Your bottle should be completely see-through.
  2. Make three cuts into your bottle like so. Discard the middle and the top of the bottle, as well as the cap
  3. Tape the two remaining pieces together, using the bottom as the “head” or top of your craft, and the other section as the bottom. NOTE: If you want to put anything inside, put it in place before taping the pieces closed.
  4. Add your decorations and/or paint!

What did you make? Send us your green Halloween craft pictures in the comments!