Gorgeous landscape designs and modern garden edging ideas

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Having a beautiful garden is an on-going task all year round. The design elements are well known to any professional gardener as well as to home gardeners who love their hobby and devotedly take care of their garden, no matter big or small.

We have discussed various elements of landscape design – retaining walls, privacy fences and screens, garden paths, water features, pool design and today we shall focus your attention on one of the small but very important details – modern garden edging ideas. Why do you need a garden edge? Is this separation necessary? Well, it is up to your personal taste, of course, but a good trim is something that never remains unnoticed and always adds to the appearance and the overall impression of the outdoor area.


Modern garden edging ideas – why do you need a garden edge


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Weeds are the natural enemy of your magnificent garden design and every gardener knows that it is a constant fight. Modern garden edging ideas can help to prevent weed growth and invasion. On the other hand, you would want to keep the design under control and the grass on its place, the flowers in their beds, and not conquer the garden path, for example. Besides keeping the order, the garden edge makes everything look beautiful, neat and tidy and in general, they improve the overall appearance and give a polished look to the garden path, or the flower beds, and the different areas of the garden. The choice of edging will depend on many factors – overall design, the general exterior, the taste of the homeowner, the garden plot, the type of soil and the budget that you are willing to spare. Among the many opportunities for edging we shall look at some of the most popular ones and see their advantages.


Modern garden edging ideas – how to choose the materials?


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Modern garden edging ideas include many types of materials and many fantastic and creative ideas. We shall review natural materials and some of the modern ideas and see how they can be incorporated into modern landscaping.


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A trench edging is perhaps the most affordable and easiest way for garden edging. Basically, this means to make a shallow trench between the grass and the flower beds which will be a barrier between the different zones. A trench actually cost nothing, except some labor, and will give a more casual and informal look of the garden. Of course, it requires maintenance and refreshing so that the edge looks neat.

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Wood is one of the most traditional materials which has a preserved place in landscaping. It adds an organic look and is suitable for both rustic and modern landscapes. The variety of options id unlimited – you could use reclaimed wood, driftwood or specially treated wood edging which has a long life span and is a cost effective investment. Although treated wood has a long life span, it is susceptible to moisture damage and eventually will rot. The only concern that you may have design wise is that you will be limited to straight line edging because of the material.

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Bricks are another material that will add a classic or rustic look to your outdoor area. There are a number of options – recycled bricks, stone bricks, etc., which will reduce the cost of the landscaping. Bricks can be arranged in various patterns and are always an excellent choice for a pathway around the flower beds. Salvaged bricks have a wonderful worn out look and a lot of unique character. Stone bricks come in a wide variety of styles and colors which gives you many creative opportunities to create a unique landscape.


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Stone garden edging has been popular for ages and stone remains among the most popular types of edging nowadays. Stacked stone, river stones, boulders – all these can be used to create attractive edging in the garden. Stone borders for flower beds provide a natural appearance in the garden and the varieties can look from rustic to casual and easily fir to many landscape styles.

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You could use small stones that you gathered on a river bank or even in your own backyard, or big stones and rocks which will attract the attention to your garden beds but either way, the garden will have a beautiful look. A variety of stone edge is the gabion which is another way to use stones but in this case they are placed in a cage. Gabion garden edge works for modern and minimalist interiors and has a timeless charm.

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Concrete is one of the most durable types of garden edging. It does not rot like wood, it does not warp and bears all types of weather conditions. Concrete blocks are installed relatively easy and can mimic different types of natural stone or brick.

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Metal garden edges most often feature wrought iron works of art which look absolutely stunning. These edges are an excellent choice for edging with a great visual appeal and decorative value.

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Rubber garden edging is a material made of recycled rubber. It has the advantage of being very flexible and very easy installation. Modern garden edging ideas often use rubber edging as it is quite durable as well and mowing and trimming around it is quite easy.

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Shells are one of the more artisan types of garden edging. People living in proximity to the sea can gather them from the beach and arrange different patterns. Shell garden edges are exceptionally charming and attractive.

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Those are just some of the possibilities to create modern garden edging and enjoy a good looking garden. There are many creative ideas for garden edging with different materials – cinder blocks, logs, woven wood, terracotta pipes, steel pipes, etc. What can you do with empty wine bottles? An edging for the flower beds, of course – there is no limit to creativity and imagination!


Wood logs garden edging

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Garden edging adds to the overall exterior design

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Cinder blocks as garden edging

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Beautiful landscape with concrete garden edging

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Patio decorating and creative garden edging

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Landscape ideas – garden edges and borders

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Decorative garden edging ideas – raised stone edging

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Victorian style garden edging idea

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