Gorgeous backyard escapes – create your place for a peaceful retreat

hammock bed backyard escapes ideas garden design ideas

Summer is here and we spend much time outdoors with the kids, friends and family. However, we all need some peaceful time to rest, relax, read a book or just sit down and enjoy the garden.

We have collected some ideas for gorgeous backyard escapes to inspire you for your own magnificent backyard hideaway spot!


Backyard escapes – gazebos, canopies and sheds

vintage style garden shed backyard escape ideas armchair round table

To create fabulous backyard escapes does not require a lot of effort or a lot of money. You just need to be creative and use what you already have. Regardless of the type or size, these comfortable and cozy spaces are intended to be a resting place from which to enjoy your garden. What could be more romantic and relaxing than a cute garden shed where you could enjoy the lovely weather on a Sunday afternoon? All that you need is a comfortable armchair, a book and a cold drink. You could easily transform your pergola into a cozy retreat by adding beautiful curtains which will give you the privacy you are looking for. A daybed or a swing, accessorized with a bunch of soft pillows will be an immediate magical place in the backyard.

Backyard escapes ideas for small outdoor area

backyard retreat hammock outdoor furniture

Backyard escapes can be arranged in small yards as well. It is just a matter of perspective – it may be as simple as two chairs surrounded by your blooming flowers or a bench under a tree. Do not forget that a hammock is always a good idea and one of the most attractive garden accessories. A hammock, a small table and chairs and a parasol – you have your perfect backyard retreat place for a cup of tea and a chat with a friend. Colorful pillows will add a color pop and your backyard escape will look incredibly pleasing and inviting.


romantic backyard escape hammock pillows small table

 A comfortable daybed under the pergola

pergola designs backyard escape idea daybed

 The perfect backyard escape – a fabulous swing bed

awesome backyard escape idea swing bed wood pillars garden pond

A sofa by the pool is ideal to relax outdoors

outdoor sofa poster curtains colorful decorative pillows

 A cozy retreat in the backyard 

garden design ideas garden retreat shed candles

 A comfortable space to enjoy moments of rest

beautiful backyard escape ideas floor cushions decorative pillows

Relaxing time by the pool

backyard escapes ideas daybed sunbeds parasol pool

Transform your pergola into a magnificent place for relax

Backyard escapes ideas wooden pergola hammocks wooden table

A fairy tale cottage in the backyard

garden cottage backyard retreats ideas guest house ideas

cool backyard retreats modern hammock wooden table

charming backyard escapes wooden greenhouse daybed

backyard escapes ideas patio deck shed outdoor furniture

backyard retreat pergola lattice garden bench round table

backyard escapes ideas hammock colorful pillows flower pots

backyard escape ideas wooden pergola swing daybed pillows

backyard escape ideas lounge furniture pergola