Golden Shovel Readers’ Choice Award 2013

Gardening Products Review Golden Shovel Readers' Choice Award 2013Every year we ask our readers to vote for their favorite product from all of the items we’ve reviewed that year.

This year we received a lot of votes for many of the gardening products we’ve reviewed but there was a clear winner for this year’s Golden Shovel Readers’ Choice Award.

We’re pleased to announce that our readers’ favorite product of 2013 is…..

Havahart’s Spray Away Elite II Animal Repellent!

This solar-powered, motion-detecting animal repellant device is intended to humanely deter pests in the garden without the use of smelly or toxic chemicals, or needing to be connected to a hose or electrical cord. The device repels animals by startling them with a strong jet of water whenever they come within the 35-foot range of the infrared sensor.

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Congratulations to Havahart and thank you to all of our readers who participated in this year’s voting!

Stay tuned for next week’s announcement of the Editor’s Choice awards.