Glow Worm Bracelets: Video

Turn glow bracelets into adorable little glow worms with this fun craft! Wear your glow worm bracelet outside at night and look for fireflies! Or turn the lights off and watch them light up in the dark!


  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • glow bracelets with connectors
  • round green felt circles
  • pipe cleaners cut into 4 inch pieces
  • googly eyes


    1. Hot glue two googly eyes onto a felt circle.Glue on eyes
    2. Twist a 4-inch pipe cleaner onto the glow bracelet just above the bracelet clasp. Curl the ends to form antenna.Twist Antenna
    3. Glue the face of the worm onto the bracelet clasp.Glow Worm
    4. Close the bracelet and you are done!Feature Glow Worm Camp PBS