Garden stools – designs and ideas for your outdoor furniture

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Garden stools are rarely considered as an important element of outdoor furniture. However, they can be not only useful as a furniture piece but add to the overall design and look of the garden.

The main advantage of garden stools is that they can be easily moved and arranged as per your need. Due to their compactness, they are perfect for rooftop balconies or small balconies in a city apartment.

 Garden stools – materials and properties

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Like any other outdoor furniture, garden stools are usually made of a specially treated wood, metal, cast iron, concrete, ceramic, plastic and various synthetic fibers. It is important that materials are resistant to various weather conditions, changing humidity and temperature, to solar radiation and various mechanical stress. When choosing your outdoor furniture you need to make sure that it combines strength and durability, functionality, and last but not least, it complements the overall design of your outdoor space. Some models are equipped with wheels or a storage space and these are ideal for gardeners as they provide space for some garden tools as well as a comfortable seating while working in the garden.

 DIY ideas for fabulous garden stools

mushroom garden stools for kids garden decoration ideas

With some inspiration and imagination you could craft your own set of garden tools. You do not need expensive materials or any special skills. Use the material from old wooden pallets to craft a stool or some tree trunks. Tree trunks can be designed in various ways – you can use them without changing their natural appearance, or paint them in different colors. Little kids would love a special set in the garden for games and you may add your personal touch by painting the tree trunks to resemble mushrooms. Outdoor ceramic garden stools are another very popular option. Check the gallery below and find your inspiration!

ceramic garden stool outdoor furniture ideas

Teak garden furniture – a small stool as a plant stand

wooden garden stool patio furniture ideas

  Garden stool with storage space

small garden stool with wheels and storage space

 Wooden cube stools around the firepit

rooftop garden design ideas wooden stools firepit

 Contemporary outdoor furniture design

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 DIY colorful stools for the garden

DIY garden stool from tree trunks colorful paint

garden decorating ideas tree trunks table stools

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outdoor furniture ideas table stools

outdoor furniture ideas DIY garden stool colorful coverings

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garden stool with wheels storage tray

garden decoration ideas DIY garden stools tree trunks

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DIY garden stools tree trunks mosaic

DIY garden furniture wooden pallet furniture ideas

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