Functional and Stylish Wall-to-Wall Shelves

Photo By: BRC Design

Shelf Varieties

Give a shelving unit a colorful update with a fresh coat of paint. Choose two or three colors that complement each other and the room’s furnishings. Paint shades of each color on the backs of the alcove shelves, while leaving the rest of the shelves white or neutral. Accent the structure with simple books and small accessories. Design by John Gidding

Small-Space Workstation

Under-shelf lighting instantly enhances this small-space workstation. The horizontal shelves in a glossy white finish add a crisp look with modern, minimalist appeal. Design by Ilija Karlusic

Elegant Case Goods

Dress up your living room and add plenty of storage space with wall-to-wall shelves. Match the horizontal shelf fronts to your crown molding, which will instantly integrate the shelves and create a classic, traditional look. Add small sconces to light up the unit and complete the entire look. Design by John Gidding

Kid-Friendly Cubbies

Run a band of wall shelves across your child’s bedroom to add storage, interest and maximize the space. By adding a floating unit to the wall, it clears up plenty of floor space, while standing at the perfect height so toys can be easily and neatly stored. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu


Avram Rusu Studio

All on Display

Open shelving in a kitchen is an excellent solution to closed cabinetry for an open and airy feel. Use the same shelving material on all horizontal surfaces, including the countertops and shelf planes, for a uniform and parallel look. To prevent clutter and an overwhelming display, make sure to show off matching or complementary bowls, cups and accessories. Design by John Gidding

Urban Library

Outfit a wall with custom bookshelves for a true one-of-a-kind look. Anchor vertical wire supports into your floor and ceiling to hold the bookcase upright. Add thin shelves up and down along the wires to coincide with the height of your books and decor. This customized unit is a great way to store your collections in various sizes. Image courtesy of BRC Designs

Modern Unit

Modernize your space with floor-to-ceiling shelves and cubby holes interspersed with cabinet storage. This black and white unit provides a sleek, unified look among coordinating accessories and furnishings. Image courtesy of Jesse

Customize the Size

Bookshelves with interchangeable shelves are a great way to keep a kid’s room organized. You can create the shelf size you need to house all varieties of books, toys and accessories. The different shelf sizes and configurations create a unique look and can easily be changed to meet the needs of your growing child. Design by Alicia Friedmann

Natural Design

Surround doors or windows with a shelving unit for an eye-catching way to display books and accessories. With an abundance of natural light flowing into the room, a full wall of wooden shelves provides an extra-warm welcoming. Mix up the items on the shelves by substituting books with vases and picture frames for a look that’s all your own. Design by Christopher J. Grubb


Christopher Grubb

Open Spaces

Create a sense of height and add storage space to a small bathroom with tall, shallow wall shelves. The thin shelves help keep clutter at bay, while providing a neat display of linens, toiletries and fun accessories. Design by John Gidding

Wall of Romance

Create a romantic mood in your bathroom with a wall of alcove shelves. Place scented candles on select shelves and light them for a warm, intimate glow. You can choose to leave the remaining alcoves clear or add attractive bathroom essentials to utilize the space. Design by Ken Kelly


Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

Show It Off

Show off your personal library by adding wall-to-wall floating shelves. Instead of a typical built-in unit, customize the shelves to work around your current furniture design. Reserve the top shelf for accent pieces, and keep your books lined up on the lower shelves for easier access. Design by Leta Palatino-Ash

Functional Studio Storage

A customized shelving unit can add visual interest and excellent storage to a studio apartment. The white alcoves and cubbies along the exposed brick wall act as an art element while creating plenty of open storage space. Design by John Gidding