Fun Containers from Salvaged Materials

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    • Boxed Flowering Kale

      There is something stunning about repetition and contrasting colors, shown here by planting gorgeous flowering kale in a distressed wooden box.

    • Rustic Chicken Feeder

      Whether the chickens are gone or you have a special place in your heart for all things galvanized, repurposing an old feeder could be the best way to add a conversation piece to your garden.

    • Pretty Painted Wooden Box

      A fresh coat of paint is all that is standing between you and a new twist to your container garden. Don’t be afraid to try a bold color — you can always repaint it!

    • Oil-Free Oil Can

      An oil can is the perfect-size container for the small areas of your garden or up on a table. Make sure you clean out any remaining oil prior to planting your favorite flowers.

    • Green Enamelware

      An easy find at any flea market, enamelware has been around for years and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

    • Video: Container-Garden Design Tips

      Watch this quick video for ideas on putting together beautiful combinations once you find a cool, repurposed container to plant in.

    • Steel Pillars of Herbs

      Elevate your herbs to a new level — right next to your outdoor kitchen — with the help of discarded steel rods. Make sure to soften any rough edges before planting!

    • Sewing Desk Drawer

      When the needle and thread have gone by the wayside, take your sewing desk drawers to the garden to display gorgeous spring-blooming bulbs.

    • Galvanized Steel Trough

      Sometimes size matters, and sometimes a large container is just the size needed to make an impact in the garden. This galvanized steel trough adds just the right height and weathered texture alongside a collection of terra-cotta containers.

    • Glitzy Old Glasses

      If your old, decorative glasses aren’t holding water anymore, have them hold plants such as drooping string of pearls, reindeer moss, and miniature succulents.

    • Rusted-Steel Pedestals

      Put your plants on a rusty platter for a high-rise display. Experiment with succulents flaunting a variety of textures and growing habits to create a distinguishing arrangement.

    • Galvanized Tub

      Galvanized steel can work for any garden style — cottage, country, or even modern and contemporary.

    • Picture-Perfect Metal Vent

      Add some glamour to your outdoor or indoor walls by framing miniature plants such as specialty ferns and succulents with an old metal vent. Add sphagnum moss to help retain moisture and keep the soil intact.

    • Fountain Focal Point

      Add new life to your old fountain by filling in the cracks with container soil and planting your favorite succulents. Get creative with varieties by selecting for variegation, fun texture, or drooping growth habits.

    • Water Cooler

      The most unsuspecting piece could turn into your new favorite container. Let color be your guide, and if turquoise is your fancy, go for it!

    • Toolbox Cool

      Grandpa’s old wooden toolbox just found new life as a memorable succulent container.

    • Mini Shopping Cart Display

      What’s great about this piece is that it’s mobile! Relocate this container garden to wherever the party is.

    • Wire Wastebasket

      Lightly line a wire wastebasket with peat moss, then fill the remaining area with potting soil. Top it off with your desired plants. Here, white delphiniums lend subtle elegance to an entry area.

      Love the look but don’t have an old wastebasket around? Find a wire wastebasket of preferred height at a home store.

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