Festive Tabletop Containers for Your Summer Fetes



•  cotton cord — for most containers, you will need 1-2 yards of cord, but the the length will vary depending on the size of your container

•  glue gun

•  glass jars, buckets or other containers

•  fabric dye (optional) 



To start, choose the container that you are going to use as your base form. You can use mason jars, empty tin cans, upcycled containers, really anything that you can wrap rope around! If you want to create an ombre effect like we did, dip-dye the cord using any color of your choice.


To do this, create a dye bath and soak one end of your cord in it. Leave it for an hour or more, depending on how much of the rope you want to dye. The rope will slowly soak up the dye, creating a beautiful color fade. Once you have achieved your desired color, take the cord out of the dye bath and let it dry.

Step 1

Now that your cord is beautifully colored and dry, grab your container and turn it open-end down. Starting from the middle, coil the rope until it completely covers the bottom of the container. Add glue to different parts of the rope so that the rope is glued to itself. Do not glue the rope to the container! 

Step 2

Flip the container. Keep coiling the rope up and around your container, gluing the rope to itself as you go. Keep going as much as you want — you can cover the entire container or not, it’s up to you. Wait for the glue to dry, and gently pull the glued rope off of the container. Your rope creation should now stand up all by itself!

Finish Containers

We created a variety of these for our tablescape — using everything from the standard glass mason jars to funky candle holders. Don’t limit yourself to small items however, you can wrap anything from large bowls to buckets in your beautiful ombre cord.

Summer Table Setting

These adorable containers are perfect to put napkins and flatware in for you summer barbecue, and they also make cute candle holders or table decorations. I even made myself a sophisticated cozy to my keep drinks cold in the hot summer days. What will you make with this technique?


Watch the video below for more DIY inspiration!