Felt Leaves Can Be Sewn into an Autumn Garland


Felt strikes again in this simple leaf garland for fall.  This is a great project for kids to learn a little about the sewing machine too.

Kids will get a kick out of putting together their own leaf garland to use draped over your curtain rods, wrapped around railings or columns, even used at the fireplace.  It’s made up of all different colors of felt fall leaves and a little bit of sewing ties them all together.  Best of all it goes pretty quickly and kids can get a chance to learn how the sewing machine works.

Here’s all you’ll need.


Materials List:

  • Autumn leaf colored felt
  • Scissors
  • Templates if you like
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread


1. Start by cutting your felt into strips the size you would like your leaves.  We made our larger leaves 3” and our smaller ones 2 – 2 1/2”.


2. Now it’s time to be creative.  Either use templates that you can download from the internet, trace around real leaves to create your own templates, or simply cut to your heart’s content!


3. Make sure when you are cutting out the leaves that you cut large ones and small ones and different shapes.  You will want to overlap some for interest and you see I’ve laid a few out in that manner in the photo.


4. Leave a long leader of thread when you go to the machine so you have a way to tie your garland to a bedpost, railing, etc.


5. Then start feeding your leaves into the sewing machine one right after the other to tie them all together.  As I mentioned above, double some of them up for interest and mix up the colors just like you’d see them scattered on the ground!


Drape your pretty garland over headboards, fireplaces, draperies and staircases.  Drape them over a chandelier, use them as tie backs, dangle from towel bars.

They are soft, fun, and inexpensive to make.  What could be better than that?  Oh, and their pretty!!