Fairy garden ideas – how to build a magic home for fairies and elves

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Fairy garden ideas are becoming very popular and such spectacular arrangements are fascinating not only for kids but for adults too.

The tradition to create gardens for the fairies dates back for many centuries. Maybe you have heard the saying – “Fairy live on the margins of your garden which became very popular in the Victorian times. A fairy garden is especially suitable if you have small kids and creating a magical garden is such a wonderful, exciting and creative project that kids just can not resist. If you still love tales of fairies, elves and gnomes you can add some magic in your own garden. Make a fairy tale come true and decorate your garden in a unique way! Remember that fairies love romantic style, so you should avoid bold, modern design trends.

 Fairy garden ideas – where do fairies live?

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There are so many fairy garden ideas that it will be difficult not to be inspired! You could create your enchanted kingdom in a corner of your garden or opt for a mini version of a fairy garden. Either way – it is very easy and simple to create a fairy garden on your own. Paint a bright door at the roots of a tree, add more elements – windows, stairs, paths, balconies or build some small houses and position them around some old tree or stump. Use bright, vivid colors for the door – bright red, yellow, orange or green. To add and additional touch of magic, make the door oval or even round, as if it were a hobbit house. Use various stones to arrange steps or small winding paths which lead to the fairy house.

 Fairy garden ideas – mini gardens for magical creatures

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Arranging a mini garden is a bigger challenge but if you do not have any available space in the garden – this is a good option. We have collected some creative fairy garden ideas that will help your imagination. Use old flower pots in a creative way and create an enchanted forest. Miniature plants or succulents will do the trick! Add miniature benches, arches, houses and decorations. You could buy them in a store or craft them with the help of your children. They would love the project and you will spend great time together!

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An adorable fairy garden idea

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 A fairy house in the tree

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 Exquisite miniature iron furniture

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 DIY a fairy garden – tips and tricks

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A gorgeous fairy house for your mini garden

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DIY miniature fairy garden design plants miniature house

DIY fairy gardens ideas mini garden design

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