Egg Carton Turtles


Instead of throwing away your empty egg cartons, recycle them into this simple, cute turtle craft suitable for ages 3 and up!


  • egg carton
  • scissors
  • paint and paintbrush
  • glue
  • pom poms
  • felt or craft foam
  • googly eyes
  • embellishments such as: Buttons, sequins, jewel gems, stickers, etc. (optional)
  • fuffy paint or permanent marker (for the mouth) (optional)


    1. turtle-longCut turtle shells from an egg carton and paint them in green or a color of choice.

    2. Cut four legs and a triangle tail from either felt or craft foam.

    3. Glue the legs and tail to the underside of the turtle shell. (You can use glue dots instead of glue if you wish.)

    4. Add a pom pom for the head.

    5. Decorate the shells using items such as buttons, sequins, jewel gems, stickers, or similar. Alternatively, you could draw on designs.

    6. Glue on googly eyes. If you’d like, draw on a mouth using black puffy paint or a permanent marker.