Easy Napkin Rings in Fall Apple Shapes

Apples are a fall staple, and I think its fun to add them to your seasonal décor during the autumn months.

Apple Napkin Rings A fun and very inexpensive way to do that is by hand stitching up a whole basket full of apple napkin rings out of felt. Here’s how easy it is to do.

Materials List:

  • An apple template or stencil
  • Felt in apple colors: I used red, apple green, dark green , cream and black
  • Co-ordinating embroidery floss
  • Needles
  • Scissors


Apple Template

1. Trace around your apple template, creating three main pieces, the apple, a leaf and a stem.  Cut out two apples, two leaves and one stem for all napkin rings.

2. Cut out additional details in felt like the cream tone as if the apple is cut in half and seeds if you like, although the apple napkin rings look great in solid red, green and yellow as well.

Felt Apple Details

3. If you choose to add details, stitch the seeds onto the cream apple pieces, then the cream apple pieces onto the colored felt to create the front of the napkin rings.

Apple Leaf and Stem4. Stitch the two leaves together using embroidery floss to create the look of veining.  Then place the leaf and stem on the inside of the back apple and tack them in place.

5. Place the front of the apple directly on top of the back apple and stitch almost all the way around, sewing the two pieces together. You can stitch any way that is comfortable for you, I used the blanket stitch but a running stitch is fine as well.

Stuffing for Apples

6. Take the scraps of felt left from cutting out the apple pieces and cut them into small pieces of stuffing material. Lightly stuff the apple and then finish stitching it closed.

Ring for Napkins

7. Cut two strips of felt 3/4” x 7”, set one on top of the other and stitch them together to create a double thick “ring” for the napkin to slide through. Once the two are together, make the circle and tack it in place.  Then, stitch it to the back of your apple.

Finished Apple Napkin RingThis is a great project for church groups, as party give-a-ways, holiday gifts, or just for yourself! Have fun with it and create your own design felt napkin rings!


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