Easy Handprint Spider

spider hand final

Not all Halloween decorations need to be scary! Make your own cute yet creepy handprint spider to add to your cobwebs.


  • black construction paper
  • white yarn
  • two googly eyes
  • scissors
  • white school glue
  • pencil


    1. spider hand 1Fold the black construction paper in half.

    2. With the pencil, trace around your child’s hand, with the base of the palm on the paper crease.

    3. Cut out the handprint. But keep in mind: cut through both layers of paper, and do not cut the crease.

    4. spider hand 2Cut the thumb from the handprint, leaving the four fingers (after all, a spider has eight legs). Then unfold the paper.

    5. Cut a small hole in the back of the spider and thread the yarn through. Knot both ends.

    6. Place two small dots of glue near the front of the spider’s head and place the eyes on top.

    Let the glue dry, and you are done! Place your spider in his web!