Easter Craft for Kids: Super Cute Sock Bunnies and Chicks



-Socks — one kid’s sock, one baby sock
-Fabric glue


Step 1:

Stuff both the socks with stuffing.


Step 2:

Tuck in the open end of the sock. Cut a circle from felt that is large enough to cover the open end of the sock. Glue the circle onto the open end of the sock so that the sock will stand up on the flat surface. Repeat for the other sock.


Step 3:

Cut out the facial features, bunny ears, and bunny feet from the felt. Above are the shapes I cut for my bunny and chick faces, but you could also use buttons, googly eyes, or embroidery.


Step 4:

Glue all of the facial features on with fabric glue. Add the ears and feet for the bunny.


This adorable and cuddly duo will look great in an Easter basket or on the dinner table as a festive decoration. Happy Easter!