Duct Tape Alphabet Magnets: Video

Make your own alphabet magnets using cardboard and duct tape and take learning to the fridge! This is a great teaching tool for younger children learning the alphabet, and also makes a fun game for older children who are learning to read and spell.


  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • magnets (3/4 inch round)
  • thin cardboard
  • paint pens


    Alphabet collage 150 pixels

      1. Cut out a small square of thin cardboard and lay it onto a strip of duct tape.


      1. Place a small magnet on the back and flap the ends of the duct tape over to cover the magnet. Trim the edges if needed.


      1. Add another layer of duct tape, fold over and cover the square like you are wrapping a present.


      1. Once fully wrapped in duct tape, write a letter on the front of the magnet using a paint pen.


      1. Decorate the letter with different colored paint pens to make it interesting and colorful.


    1. Stick your magnets to the refrigerator and play some fun letter games!