DIY Wall Art That Wows — for Under $20!

paint-chip-art-1026.jpg (skyword:196204)

DIY Paint Chip Art – Photo by Joe Schmelzer

Sometimes finding that perfect art piece is especially hard when you have a specific color palette you are working with. If you’re looking for an answer to that problem, this DIY is for you! The technique for making this “painting” takes only a few minutes to pull together, and makes it easy and inexpensive to create a custom work of art! With so many paint chips out there showing the entire spectrum of colors you can truly create whatever combo you want. Just head to your local paint store, grab the samples you like, and get started!


If you’re looking for an exact color match, you can try taking a photo of the room your painting will be in and bringing it with you when you go to select your color samples. I find that gradating hues of the same color create a lovely effect, but feel free to experiment with lots of different combinations. If you have an accent color in your room, this would be a great way to tie it into your decor.


Ready to get started? Here are the really simple steps to make it.


  • Canvas (size depending on project)
  • Assortment of paint chips
  • 1 roll of black electrical tape


Choose your paint chips in the palette you are going for. The amount of paint swatches you need will vary depending on the size of your canvas. For this project, I went for a large canvas so I used 49. If you’re unsure, overestimate so you don’t end up with too few chips to completely cover the surface.


Take any size canvas and lay it on a flat surface. Line up the assortment of paint chips across the surface. This is where you can get creative — try arranging the paint swatches in a variety of ways before you settle on your final design. You can try to create an ombre effect, go for solid color blocking, or just take a free-flowing approach and see where they end up!


Starting on the edge of your canvas, lay down one long strip of electrical tape and secure the swatches in place. I continued the tape onto the back of the painting to make sure it was secure, but if you don’t like the way that looks you can neatly trim the edges of the tape using scissors or an exacto blade. Repeat this process across the canvas until you have secured your swatches and created a grid like effect. Don’t worry about lining up your paint chips perfectly; the electrical tape will make everything look nice and straight. If you are more of a perfectionist, you can measure out your grid beforehand and mark it with a pencil.


And that’s it! In just a few minutes and for less than $20 you have created a beautiful custom piece of artwork. This works well as a stand-alone piece but would also look great as a part of a series.


How will you create your DIY wall art?