DIY Travel Games for Kids

Ensure your next road trip is smooth sailing! Use an empty Q-Tips box and a few other materials to make three small games and a game box to store them in.

This tutorial shows you how to make the box itself. For the games, follow these links:
Pick-Up Sticks
Triangle Peg Puzzle
Mini Bead Maze


  • old map
  • empty Q-Tips box
  • glue or tape
  • scissors


  1. Use a page from an old road map for decorative paper. NOTE: You can also use plain, sturdy paper, and decorate it as your please.
  2. final

  3. Measure and cut the paper to wrap around the outside sleeve of the Q-tips box, overlapping the edges by an inch or so.
  4. Glue in place.

That’s it! Once you finish making the games, pack them up in your game box and you’re ready to go!

Make & Play Pick-up Sticks
Customize your own colors and change the rules to accommodate different ages with Q-Tip Pick-up Sticks.

Make & Play Triangle Peg Puzzle
Even adults will love the Q-Tip version of this classic game.

Make & Play Mini Bead Maze
Built right into the box itself, this game can help kids with coordination and motor skills.