DIY Tissue Paper Flower Bowl: Video

Using school glue and tissue paper cut into the shape of a flower, decorate a glass bowl and turn it into a beautiful, decorative flower bowl. This craft is great for a wide range of ages, would be a great Mother’s Day craft for the classroom, gift idea or simply a fun spring project!


  • small glass bowl
  • school glue
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • small mixing bowl
  • paintbrush



    1. Mix a small amount of water with some school glue in a small container to dilute the glue just a bit.
    2. Cut out from colored tissue paper the shape of a flower petals, flower center and leaves.
    3. Flip a small glass bowl upside down and begin painting the diluted glue on the very bottom with your paintbrush.
    4. Stick-on the flower center and paint a little more glue on top of it, gently as not to tear the tissue.
    5. Layer the flower petals on top of the flower center using the same technique of glue painting.
    6. Lastly, apply the tissue paper leaves using the same technique.
    7. Set the bowl aside and allow the glue to dry completely!

    Give the bowl as a gift, store spare change inside or use it as an attractive container for an electric votive candle!