DIY Rainstick: Video

Turn a paper towel roll into a rain stick with duct tape, aluminum foil and mixed grains! The aluminum foil inserted inside the paper towel roll causes the grains to trickle down slowly, creating the sound effect of falling rain. This fun, simple craft is a great way to start a conversation with your kids about rain and weather.

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  • paper towel roll
  • duct tape
  • construction paper
  • mixed grains or small noodles (we used corn, rice and tiny pasta)
  • aluminum foil


    1. Cover one end of a paper towel roll with duct tape.Step 1 Rain Stick
    2. Crumple a thin tube-shaped mass of aluminum foil and insert it inside the paper fowl roll.Step 2
    3. Fill the inside about 1/4 the way full with your grain mixture.
    4. Cover the other open end of the paper towel roll with duct tape.step 3 Cover the end with tape
    5. Cover the paper towel with construction paper by wrapping it around the outside.
    6. Tape the construction paper onto the paper roll at the ends with duct tape and you are all set!Tape ends
    7. Turn the Rainstick up and down and up and down and listen as the “rain” trickles through the stick.