DIY Perfect Paper Flowers Using Soap Wrappers

Wrapped Package

We love flowers at Hand in Hand — our packaging is full of them and we have made paper flowers (using the book “Paper to Petal”) for the past few gift shows we’ve had in New York. We also love resuing items around us — such as our soap wrappers! So we decided to combine all our loves with our craftiness and came up with a little something you can use for the holidays.


  • Hand in Hand soap wrappers (one per 1 to 2 flowers)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Ornament hooks or wire
  • Tiny glass beads
  • Brown paper bag or brown kraft paper
  • Washi tape
  • Thick jute twine


1. Carefully lay the wrapper out flat. Starting at the edge, cut out petals — they should be heart-shaped but with a straight bottom instead of a point. Change up the size of petals to have a mixture of small, medium, and large petals, as well as wide and narrow shapes. You can choose to just use the front and back of the wrapper (where the illustrations are located) or the entire package if you want to include more blue. Fold each petal in half lengthwise, with the illustrated side up.

Cutting out of Petals

2. Heat up the glue gun and straighten out the ornament hook.

3. Taking the largest and widest petal you have cut out, fold and pinch the paper together to create your flower center. Place a dab of hot glue within the folds and press the top piece of wire (your straightened ornament hook) into the glue, pinching the paper around it.

Glueing the center

4. Starting with the smallest and shortest petals, place a thin line of glue along the bottom edge of the illustrated side.

Glueing the petal

5. Place the glued end along the bottom of the center, pinching the petal around the center so it curves around it.

6. Continue to do this, overlapping the petals and moving from smallest to largest as you build the flower out, like a rose.




First petals

7. As you glue the petals around the center, press the tops of the petals back to ensure the flower stays opened as you add more petals to the outside.

8. Once the flower is at your desired size, dab glue in the center and press into a bowl of tiny glass beads, pressing the beads into the center.


9. Continue with all steps until you have created 3 to 4 flowers.

finished flowers

The perfect gift wrap to adorn with these flowers?

1. Using a brown paper bag or kraft paper, wrap your package using colored washi tape to secure edges.


2. Wrap the thick jute twine twice around the package, in a cross shape. Secure in a knot on the top, leaving 3 inches hanging off each side. Gently pull apart the ends to create fray.

3. Wrap each flower around the center knot.

Voila! Happy holidays from the Hand in Hand team! Thank you so much for your support this past year.


Voila! Happy holidays from the Hand in Hand team! Thank you so much for your support this past year.


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