DIY Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Summer Nights


Photography by: Seth Smoot

Hand-Painted Votives

Votives can make excellent centerpieces for any tabletop. Use regular glass votives and paint the outside of the jar using your favorite color. Then put the candle inside and — voila! You can also use mason jars instead of classic votives and hang them on sturdy string or wire around your yard to decorate for a party.


Origami Lights

Use any desired paper color or pattern, follow these instructions, and pop a battery-operated candle inside (LEDs are the safest as they won’t heat). You can hang them on your front porch or string them decoratively for your dinner.


Paper Lanterns

White paper lanterns are inexpensive and easy to hang from string lights (or even from a single hanging bulb in your house). You can customize them with some paint or decoupage pretty patterns or shapes onto them. Get creative with the display by stacking them on a pole or go traditional and hang them throughout your outdoor space.


Shaded String Lights

These lights make a striking impression when bunched together in groups. Make them by attaching cut pieces of vellum onto regular string lights before hanging.