DIY Odd Squad Costume

Assemble this budget-friendly, zero-fuss DIY Odd Squad Costume for your little one in this week’s episode of Crafts for Kids! You will need just a few costume components that you probably already have around the house and some yellow felt to complete this look.


  • white button down shirt
  • red tie
  • yellow felt and scissors
  • safety pin or duct tape (to affix the badge to the jacket)
  • dark suit jacket and pants


    1. Begin by cutting out a badge shape from some yellow felt.

    Yellow felt badge

    2. Assemble the suit components and put them on. Tie the tie around your neck and pin or tape the badge onto the jacket.

    Odd Sqaud 1

    3. Any pair of shoes will work, but the Odd Squad characters typically wear “chuck” style shoes so if you have a pair of those, great!

    Odd Sqaud Shoes