DIY Mother’s Day Picture Frame: Video

Classroom friendly and perfect for little fingers, this cardboard picture frame is a great way to teach kids how to recycle materials and turn them into something amazing. Make this for Mother’s Day, birthdays or holidays as it can be easily personalized!


  • egg carton
  • paint and paintbrushes
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • thin cardboard (like cereal box cardboard)
  • favorite photos


    1. picture-frame-longCut out each egg cup from the carton, individually. Cut the cups into the shape of flowers by cutting zig-zagged and scalloped edges. You can cut out as many or as few as you wish.

    2. Using thin cardboard (we used cereal box cardboard) cut out a large square or rectangle (the shape of your picture) several inches wider than your picture on all sides.

    3. Trace your picture onto the cardboard and cut out the area around the tracing, making the cut-out slightly smaller than your picture. This should result in a rectangular frame with the middle cut out!

    4. Paint your frame. We decided to use white paint for the frame but you can get creative!

    5. Once the paint is dry, glue your picture to the back of the frame!

    6. Now decorate your frame. Paint the flowers you made from the egg carton and glue them on. You can also add glitter, beads, and/or decorate the frame to reflect the time of year, holiday, or recipient(s) personal tastes.

    Let the paint dry and then you’re finished!