DIY Mini Santa Favor Boxes to Hold All Your Christmas Treats


Photography by: Amy Gropp Forbes

There is a lot of snipping for these little favor boxes, but making them will go quickly if you cut multiples of all the pieces, assembly-line style. They are two-part boxes: One tube will serve as the inside sleeve and the other tube will become the outside Santa covering. Fill them with little toys and wrapped candies, or use them as decorations throughout the house!


  • Scissors
  • 2 toilet paper tubes
  • Small scrap piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue and/or hot glue
  • Red, white, and black construction paper
  • Small white cupcake wrappers
  • Black permanent marker (for eyes)


Photography by: Amy Gropp Forbes


First we are going to modify our toilet paper tubes to create the vessel. Start by carefully cutting away the top of one tube to create a place for Santa’s pointy hat (refer to the tube shown above, top left corner). Place that tube, uncut side down, on the scrap cardboard and trace two circles. Cut one circle inside the traced line; this is for the top of Santa’s head. Test to see if it is a snug fit in the Santa tube. Glue the circle inside the cut top of the tube to seal it. Cut the other circle outside the traced line to make a larger circle; set this aside for the base.

To make the inside tube base, cut ½ inch off the length of the second toilet paper tube to shorten it. Cut the tube open lengthwise, overlap the ends about ¼ inch, and glue it closed. (Alternatively, if you have any skinnier tubes, such as from gift wrap, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil, or even from a different brand of toilet paper, you can skip this step.) Glue this tube to the base circle, as shown.

Cut all the Santa clothes out of paper (shown above), and glue them on — red pieces first, then white center stripe, then black belt. Cut the beard and hat fur out of ruffled cupcake paper, and glue them on. Add the eyes with your permanent marker.

Fill the base with treats, and slide Santa over the base.


Make some of these festive Christmas candies to put in your Santa favor box!