DIY Hacky Sack: Video

Turn a balloon filled with flour into a DIY Hacky Sack with this great craft project that encourages active playtime. Make one or many, then invite friends to toss, kick and juggle the Hacky Sack ball with you. Great for indoor and outdoor play, this is a fantastic summer boredom buster!


  • 2 ballons
  • flour
  • a funnel
  • scissors


    1. Stretch the neck of a balloon over the mouth of a funnel.1 Stretch Neck over Funnel
    2. Fill the funnel full of flour.Shake flour in balloon
    3. Begin tapping the funnel so flour will fall into the balloon. Tap and tap and continue filling the balloon until it is about the size of a lemon.Continue filling until lemon size
    4. Remove the neck of the balloon from the funnel and cut the neck of the balloon off.Cut off neck
    5. Cut the neck of another balloon off and stretch the balloon around the flour filled one so that the open end of the flour filled balloon is fully covered.Stretch other balloon over flour filled oneGreat job! You just made a DIY Hacky Sack! Toss it around with friends and bring your craft to life with an active game!Hacky sack finished