DIY Geoboard


Make shapes, letters or fun designs with cardboard and rubber bands!


  • six squares of cardboard, about 150×150 mm
  • glue
  • scissors or screwdriver
  • nine wooden dowels, about 10×40 mm
  • rubber bands of different colors


    1. geoalpha-longGlue three cardboard squares together, one on top of another.

    2. Poke nine holes with scissors or a screwdriver in the three remaining cardboard squares. Pro Tip: To make sure the holes line up, stack the cardboard squares and then poke the holes through all three layers. Try to make them equidistant from one another, about 50 mm apart.

    3. Glue the six layers of cardboard together. Then glue the wooden dowels in the holes of the top cardboard pieces.

    4. Once the glue is dry, experiment with shapes, letters, or fun designs with different colored rubber bands!

    What shapes will you make?