DIY Felt Campfire: Video

Combine sticks from the yard with yellow and orange felt squares to craft your very own DIY campfire!


  • small sticks
  • pruners or heavy duty scissors
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • orange and yellow felt


      1. c2Using your pruners (or some very heavy duty kitchen scissors) trim your small sticks until they are about 8 to 10  inches in length. If you do not have any pruners or scissors strong enough, you could break the sticks down to size.


      1. Cut orange and yellow felt into small, 4 to 6 inch squares. You will need about seven squares total. Each square will become a “flame” for the fire.


      1. Using hot glue (adults only) squeeze a dollop of hot glue into the center of each square. Scrunch the felt into a flame-like shape and then add glue into the folds on the sides.  Make as many flames as you wish, but we used about 7 for this project.


      1. Glue the bottom of each flame to the sticks in an alternating color pattern.


    1. Once you have finished constructing your campfire you are ready for your make believe camping trip! Gather some pots and pans for a campfire cooking session and “invite” your stuffed animals to join you!