DIY Face Magnets: Video

The refrigerator is a hub for artwork, but can also be a really fantastic play surface for kids! With just a few simple supplies, you can make a fun DIY Magnet Face and accessories.


  • a magnet sheet
  • glue
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • a face picture (we used one printed on copy paper)
  • markers


    1. facemagnet-longPrint out a picture of a face and glue it to the magnet sheet. To make the most of your magnetic surface, trim around the face before you glue it on. Smooth the face onto the sheet, using your fingers to gently smooth-out any of the crinkles so the paper will dry flat. Allow the glue to dry.

    2. Once completely dry, cut the face out around the head and neck. Trim around the hair as needed.

    3. On construction paper, draw accessories for your face, head and neck. Because the accessories will stick better around the face, rather than on top of it, think of things that can rest on top of and around the it, like hats, necklaces, phones etc.

    4. Cut out the accessories. Glue them to some magnet sheeting and then trim around the drawing once dry.

    Enjoy playing refrigerator dress-up with familiar faces!