DIY Dad Cards

dad card final

This Father’s Day, make a silly sticky-note card! The kids will have a blast, and Dad will get a kick out of all the accessories. This project allows you to make accessories that fit the personality of your dad or the man in your child’s life. Does he like to fish or play golf? Does he like going to the art museum? Does he like reading? Brainstorm some ideas and then make the perfect set of sticky-note drawings!


  • a blank greeting card or card stock paper (you can always make a postcard)
  • sticky notes
  • scissors
  • fine-tip marker
  • glue stick
  • a picture of Dad printed from the computer on copy paper (you can also draw a picture of Dad)


  1. dad card 3Find your favorite picture of Dad (or draw your own) and print it out on copy paper. Make sure you adjust the size when you select your options for printing so that it fits your card.

  2. After you print out your picture, cut it out. You can cut out just the face or the face and shoulders.
  3. dad card 7

  4. Glue the cut-out picture on the card with your glue stick.

  5. Allow the glue on the card to dry while you make your accessories. Draw little accessories on the sticky notes, making sure that they are on top of the sticky side (or at least the majority of the sticky side is underneath) so when you cut them out they will stick to the picture.

  6. Cut out your sticky note accessories and have fun sticking them on and playing with all the options!

dad card 1

Happy Father’s Day!