DIY Cloud Dough with Color

cloud-dough 6

We all love cloud dough. It’s soft, it’s squishy and it’s moldable. Now make it colorful, sparkly, scented or all three! Mix up as many combinations as you like using ingredients straight from your cupboard. It’s such a fun sensory medium for the littles (and the bigs) in your life.


  • flour
  • oil
  • oil or gel-based food coloring or powdered food coloring or non-toxic paint powder
  • optional add-ins: glitter, essential oils (a couple drops will do)


    The basic recipe for cloud dough is 1:8, oil to flour; for every one cup of oil, add eight cups of flour. This can be scaled down or up according to your needs (1/2 cup oil to 4 cups flour, 1/4 cup oil to 2 cups flour, 2 cups oil to 16 cups flour, etc.).

    Adding color makes everything a little more fun. Oil or gel-based food coloring or either powdered food color or powdered non-toxic paint are best for this project. The amount of color added depends on how intense the desired color. More coloring = deeper color.

    Other optional add-ins include glitter or essential oils for an extra sparkle or scent.

    Here’s how to put the dough together:

    1. First, the color. If using the oil or gel-based food coloring, start by mixing the chosen color into the oil. The color doesn’t exactly mix in with the oil but it does blend a little.  If using the powdered food coloring, begin by adding it to the 1
    2. Add the flour and stir. Don’t lose hope. It’s not very colorful after the stirring.
      cloud-dough 2
    3. After the oil has been incorporated to the flour, use your hands to massage the color into the flour more completely.
      cloud-dough 3
    4. Add in glitter or essential oil. Stir/massage to combine.
      cloud-dough 4
    5. Then play! And more colors the 5