DIY Citrus Roses: Video

Make beautiful rose shapes from orange peels then place them in a bowl with other dried items for decoration. This project requires the participation of a parent or adult to peel the orange with a knife. Kids can help arrange the dried peels at the end!


  • oranges
  • a paring knife (adults only)
  • twine
  • cookie sheet (we used a muffin tin)


      Citrus Roses Collage.jpg

    1. Cut the top of an orange off with a paring knife and begin peeling the orange in a spiral pattern until the entire piece of fruit is peeled.

    2. Once the orange is peeled, twirl the peel into a rosette

    3. Tie the rose shape into place with some twine

    4. Place on a cookie sheet or inside a muffin tin and bake at 200F for 2 to 3 hours until the peels are completely dry.

    5. Once completely dry you can decorate with the peels! Place them in a bowl along with other dried objects such as moss, leaves and flower petals for decoration!