DIY Chalk: Video

Making chalk is a fantastic way to create your own art supplies. The best part? Once you finish the craft, you can begin a new art project by using the chalk to make a sidewalk masterpiece!


  • Plaster of Paris
  • large mixing bowl and spoon
  • water
  • recycled toilet paper rolls
  • small container (such as a jar or bowl)
  • Tempera paint
  • wax paper
  • duct tape


      1. chalk-longCover the bottom of the toilet paper rolls with duct tape.


      1. Roll wax paper into a tube and insert inside the toilet paper roll.


      1. Mix 2 parts Plaster of Paris with one part water and stir vigorously.


      1. Pour mixture into a small container and add tempera paint. Mix well.


      1. Scoop your mixture into the toilet paper roll.


    1. Set the roll aside and allow it to dry for 3 to 4 days. Once completely dry, cut and peel the paper roll and wax paper away to reveal the chalk! It may break apart a little because chalk is crumbly.


    Pro Tip: To create chalk sticks with multiple colors, simply break the dry stick in half drop it down in a new paper roll then repeat the above steps, scooping another color mixture on top of the already formed chalk in the tube. Repeat steps for drying and removal of roll to reveal multiple colored chalk!