DIY Cardboard Heart Stamps


Make your own Valentine’s Day card this year with a cardboard tube! Perfect for some messy, yet inexpensive fun.


  • one toilet paper cardboard tube
  • red paint
  • paper plate
  • blank cards or paper
  • tape


    1. stamplongFlatten the cardboard tube so it has a crease on two sides.

    2. Push one crease inward to make a heart, and wrap a piece of tape around the tube to help the heart hold its shape.

    3. Pour a little red paint on a plate and dip one end in the paint. Then press the cardboard tube onto your paper or card and let the shapes dry!

    We ended up with cute, homemade cards to send rsz_stamp3to family and friends, and enough paint on my sons’s hands, face and hair to require a nice long bath. I’d say mission accomplished. Happy Valentine’s Day!